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Our hotel - A protected building in Ithaka island

The building which houses the Hotel Familia was characterized in 1982 by the Greek Ministry of Culture as a "Protected Building" due to its unique architectural characteristics and structure. The building is made of stone and has renaissance details like arched window aprons and double tiled roof. From 1890 until 1967, the building housed was used as an olive press running on steam and later on oil fuel. From 1967 when the olive press stopped its function and till 2002 the building remained empty and unexploited. In 2002 our family bought the old olive press in order to convert it to a small hotel.
In 2006 the building entered a special program by the Ministry of Agriculture and received funding in order to be transformed to a "B category hotel within a protected building". That is how our journey began, always keeping in mind the importance of rescuing and maintaining of all those elements that carry the history of our homeland.
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