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Ithaka island
Ithaka or Ithaki is a small island in the Ionian Sea, in Greece which lies south of Lefkada and south-east of Kefalonia. Ithaca constitutes an independent municipality that belongs to the prefecture of Kefalonia, has population of 3.646 residents and covers an area of 45 sq. miles.
Ithaca is known from antiquity since it is mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, one of the two major Greek epic poems which tells the story of the Greek hero and king of Ithaki, Odysseus and his adventurous journey back home after the end of the Trojan war. Even today, the story of Odysseus is used as a symbol of love and nostalgia for our "homeland".
The capital of Ithaca is Vathy a picturesque town built in one of the world's largest natural harbors embracing the Lazaretto islet. The eastern coast of Ithaka is characterized by a lot of small gulves and capes. The total length of the coasts is 101 km with reach vegetation and trees that almost reach the beaches with their green cool waters.
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