Emerald waters and white pebbles in an evergreen setting

It’s no wonder why the locals call their island the “gem of the Ionian sea”. Many beaches on Ithaca are like clear blue lakes and others like small private retreats. Ithaca is ideal for combining nature exploration with endless swimming and sunbathing. Most beaches are a short distance from the town of Vathy and the other villages in the northern part of Ithaca. Filiatro, Skinos, Aspros Gialos, Gidaki, Sarakiniko, Aetos, Loutsa, and Dexa are some of the beaches you should visit for a swim while on Ithaca.

Following Odysseus’ trail

In addition to its great archaeological and historical significance, the island is covered by a dense network of pathways, which still carry the footprints of Odysseus and the ones who have been following his trail for thousands of years. Discover secret beaches and natural havens with fantastic panoramic views of Ithaca, through the slopes of the small mountains and hills. Most of the island’s part has not been affected by modern touristic infrastructures, so the trails that the Ithacans have walked over the centuries have remained intact. All types of pathways, small or large, smooth or demanding, depending on your experience, offer you moments of awe and bewilderment. Following Odysseus’ trail will be an extraordinary part of your holiday in this evergreen island that will be unforgettable!


Αrchitecture of Ithaca and traditional villages

Ithaca has many villages that you can visit and admire their local architectural signature. Vathy, the capital of the island, is one of the most beautiful settlements which has preserved its traditional aura. There are ruins of old houses, dating even before the Venetians, in the medieval village of Anogi, in the northern part of the island. The fishing villages of Kioni and Frikes are charming and picturesque. In the summer they are full of people who enjoy the beaches nearby and good food in their fish taverns. Stavros is a settlement with significant archaeological importance and Exogi, the village with the oldest houses on the island, is considered by many the balcony of Ithaca. Wherever you may roam on the island, you will find villages that will astonish you with their elaborate traditional arrangement. Ithaca has been characterized as a traditional settlement since 1982, thus, the architectural and historical heritage of the island is protected and preserved.


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