Ithaca is famous from Homer's great epic poem Odyssey, which narrates the adventures of the Greek hero and king of Ithaca, Odysseus, and his tumultuous journey back to his beloved home, at the end of the Trojan war. The story of Odysseus remains a symbol of longing and nostalgia for "homeland". Familia hotel is located in a peaceful location in Vathy, right behind the front street facing the water, which makes it a mere stroll to all the waterfront cafes, restaurants and shops as well as to the central square. Everything you may need is nearby, and the nearest beach is within 15 minutes walking distance from the hotel.
The island has no airport; therefore you can access it only by boat from various ports of Greece quite easily. The ports of Astakos (mainland), Nydri (Lefkada), Sami (Kefalonia) and Patras (Peloponnese) are linked by car & passenger ferries with the ports  of Pisso Aetos and Frikes  on Ithaca.  For further information, please visit: 


Please take under consideration that a shuttle bus connecting the ports of Pisso Aetos and Frikes with any other village in the area is not available. However, local taxis are operating between the ports and the town of Vathy, but is highly recommended to book a taxi in advance, if you don’t come in a car of your own.

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